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  The Ashwini Maternity and Surgical Hospital is one of the oldest and most respected nursing homes in the city of Mumbai. The hospital has been seeing scores of happy and satisfied patients for over 40 years. The date of inauguration was 31st July 1965. At the beginning, it was a 14-bedded unit which has now expanded to 22 beds. The hospital has had the privilege of delivered more than 40,000 babies. Literally thousands of gynecologic procedures have been undertaken successfully at the hospital.

In 1982, the Consulting Rooms were expanded and relocated to the third floor of the same building. They underwent a full scale renovation in 1998 and are now completely air conditioned. The consulting room complex houses an ultrasound machine and fetal monitoring machine in addition to being equipped for outpatient procedures.

This hospital is also one of the first hospitals in the city of Mumbai to be recognized as a baby friendly hospital. This means that all the mothers who deliver here are actively trained to exclusively breast feed their children. This ensures a happy and satisfied mother and child and confers all the tremendous advantages that breast feeding has.

Besides offering basic health care services for women, the hospital also offers services on the cutting edge of technology like:
Epidural analgesia for labour and delivery (“painless delivery”).
Fetal monitoring by cardiotocometry (monitoring the heart beat of the child by special Doppler probes).
Hysterectomy by the vaginal route: removal of the uterus without the use of any incision at all on the abdomen. The entire procedure is done through the vaginal opening such that the patient has no sutures at all on the exterior of her body. This means that there are no dressings and no wounds on the body.

The hospital has acquired state of the art endoscopic surgery equipment (“Keyhole Surgery”) both hysteroscopic and laparoscopic. The hospital is also making significant strides in the most advanced infertility treatment including In – Vitro Fertilization and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) which are available, in – house, in a high-tech IVF Laboratory. This facility has been started three years ago and has resulted in over a hundred IVF pregnancies.

The hospital continues to grow and so does its facilities. In the latest expansion, the hospital has acquired new premises very close to the original location. These premises are meant primarily for an exclusive area for Assisted Reproductive Techniques and IVF.

In 2005, the Hospital has been accredited with the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.
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